Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

This is a diet that has been around for years. It has become very popular for the simple fact that it is such a low calorie diet that is accompanied by dramatic results. Some have said that the Cabbage Soup Diet is more of a cleanse than a diet since it only lasts 7 days.

It is called the Cabbage Soup Diet because it consists of eating a lot of Cabbage Soup. You can find the New Cabbage Soup Recipe also on this site. I have also included a copy of the Protein version of this diet for those who are interested.

This diet has been known to cut calories by drastic amounts, thus the loss of weight obtained from this diet is also dramatic. The results from this diet are a jump start for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

No one knows who started the diet but the principles behind the diet are very simple. You basically eat as much cabbage soup as you want throughout the seven days. You should not eat too much as the idea is that you should not ever feel full. But, if you do get hungry then you should heat up a bowl of that soup and eat it. What you are allowed to eat each day is broken down in the following routine:

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Cabbage Soup Diet Seven Day Plan

Day One: eat only fruit and as much soup as you like. Drink unsweetened tea, black coffee, cranberry juice and water.

Day Two: eat raw and cooked vegetables (avoid peas, sweetcorn, dry beans): at dinner reward yourself with a large baked potato and butter, and eat as much soup as you like, but no fruit.

Day Three: mix days one and two, eat as much fruit, vegetables and soup as you like but no baked potato.

Day Four: eat as many as eight bananas, skimmed milk and as much soup as you want.

Day Five: you may have 300-500g (10-20oz) beef (or chicken or fish) and a large tin or six fresh tomatoes. Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water and be sure to eat the soup at least once.

Day Six: eat 2-3 beef steaks with salad or fresh vegetables (no baked potato) and soup at least once.

Day Seven: brown rice, fresh vegetables and unsweetened fruit juice, eat as much as you like, plus soup at least once.

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Did you know that it is possible to lose 10-20 lbs in one week! Now just as a reminder this is not considered a healthy amount of weight loss for one week. However, it is possible. I myselff lost 15 lbs after the 7 days! I have been able to keep it off as well with regular exercise and watching what I eat. Enjoy!Cabbage Soup Recipe Graphic

Some Things to Remember: Drink at least 2.3 Liters of water every day(about 8 glasses of water). Make sure to remember to have at least one bowl of the soup each day as well.

The diet is based on a low calorie soup that is low in fat and high in fiber. Some theories state that the cabbage soup is fat burning in itself, so by eating more of the soup you actually burn more fat. However, the reason the cabbage soup diet may work for some people is more likely to be due to the fact it is low in calories.

This sort of diet is not a sustainable diet and as such not suitable for long term weight loss, but it may help jump start weight loss prior to a more sustainable long term weight management plan.

In addition to the soup, you are allowed as much water as you want, and a very restricted set of other foods.

Before making any significant changes to your diet, or exercise regime, you should consult a qualified medical practitioner, who maybe able to help develop and follow a long term weight loss strategy.


Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

The new cabbage soup diet recipe.

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